A guy seeking a gal

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I had quasi-given-up-hope, and quasi-pulled-out-all-the-stops-to-meet-men. Part of me kept reminding myself that Katherine Hepburn lived a full, long and happy life as a single woman, and part of me was furiously dating away on Match.

On March 13, , four and on-half months after that big birthday, I hit the jackpot. I met the man of my dreams on a blind date that a friend thank you Bob set up. We married on July 7, A few years ago, I commuted to Southern California for a job for nine months. He sent me flowers every week and he snuck in a box of candy and a card into my luggage one time. He takes care of me. He is a marksman with a gun, and loves to hunt.

In other words, my guy is a tough guy. But, he also loves to shop. For me, this is equivalent to having Rachel Zoe stylist to the stars as a best friend and hanging out with Sean Connery during his smoking hot days all at once. He carries my 15 pound purse. He is a neatnik and loves interior de.

Today, he helped me pick out table linens for a baby shower I am hosting. He is a goofball. He was very, very close to his Aunt Helen growing up. A few years ago, we got the word that Helen was finally losing her battle with cancer. We flew back to Missouri to be with her. She was at home, laying in her bed. I had never really faced a dying person before. I had lost loved ones — grandparents, uncles, my favorite cousin — but it all happened far away. He strode into her room and sat right next to her on the bed, took her hand and looked her in the eyes. I was awestruck by his courage and his ability to love in the face of loss.

She died the next day. I could list so many stories where he leans in to tough times, and I love him for it. He sincerely loves hanging out with my girlfriends and talking about life, work, parenting and love. He gives them warm bear hugs, and he plays with their kids. He gives his honest advice when asked , and he listens well. He loved raising his three kids, and he loves nothing more than playing with our nieces, nephews and six grandkids.

But, My Guy has taught me how to be really pretty good with kids through his example. That means the world to me. Any that surprise you? Tell me your stories! I marry you with my eyes wide open. I promise to fully appreciate the gift of my present to support your growth and encourage your power. To take responsibility for my own behaviors and apologies. To participate in a home life that is peaceful.

Inside and out. Knowing that there can be trust for what happens when you forgive. Forgiving self. Forgiving others. Growing every day. In you I have found relief. I intend to keep it. I just subscribed to this blog , and I loved this recent post with ten little-known chicken facts that states chickens are actually real dinosaurs. Great recipe for one of my favorites — chiles rellenos. Thank you for this wonderful story. I have been married most of my adult life. Now I am divorced. So, I have been reflecting on this very question. The answer is complex, yet simple.

Like me first as a person, and I know you will love me later. I will do the same for you as well. So much I could say, but last but not least, accept my teen son with Autism. He is a part of me, so he will have to be a part of us! The graph about liking the same things vs. So true! You are so fortunate to have found happiness with your partner. So glad you are choosing to appreciate what you have. Gratitude makes for a happier life… keep going, james.

I LOVE this! I love my husband for a lot of the same reasons. He takes amazing care of me. He makes me laugh a TON. We share the same passions and get excited about the same stuff. And he loves me more than I can fathom. I love this post! Oh, and that pie chart is definitely true about relationships, lol! My boyfriend and I definitely bond over a lot of mutual hatreds. We met 9 years ago on my first day of college, and he says he knew he loved me since the first time we talked. Fast forward 6 years and we finally start dating!

My guy is similar to yours. He is extremely caring, loves being the bread earner in the family, intelligent, loving. He also loves to hang out with my girlfriends. He loves to shop me not so much. He is a great father. He evens me out with his easy going quiet demeanor. I have a keeper for sure! It sounds like your guy was worth the wait!

It is wonderful that you were able to find someone with so many wonderful qualities. He was worth the wait, although that wait was verrrrrryyyyy long. Thanks for reading Andrea. Ligeia, this was the sweetest thing ive ever read! Beautiful post, Ligeia. This makes me happy! I feel blessed to have you as examples for my own marriage. Cannot imagine our family without you Ligeia. Lots of Love. Tashka — I love watching how you and Davis are writing your own love story for your kids to watch as they grow.

Love you girl. MammaNene SergerPepper. Aw, you really found a wonderful man! This is so sweet. Jennifer — you deserve it all. Who know? When I was doing it, I felt like it was one way for me to express to the Universe how committed I was to trying. Just an idea! Plus points if he has a nice sense of humour!

A guy seeking a gal

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