Columbus swingers. Swinging.

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What can we expect on our first visit? You can expect to meet couples and singles from all over Ohio and neighboring states. You will find the couples friendly and outgoing but not pushy. The singles that attend our club are considerate. Everyone will respect your limits. Is it okay to come and just check it out without taking part? A visit to Pleasuretime is a fun night out.

Many couples and singles visit to enjoy the atmosphere but choose to only watch the activities. Others find themselves lost in a sensuous trance for hours on end. We have not been to a club. How are new people accepted?

New people are warmly received. Almost everyone remembers when they were new and the questions they had. For this reason, you'll find the "regulars" very easy to talk to and they'll answer any and all of your questions. We don't look like Ken and Barbie. Is that okay? Most likely, you are very typical of our club members. Watch who comes and goes at your supermarket -- that's who visits Pleasuretime! We worry we will run into someone we know! And that does happen. We would be less than honest if we told you otherwise.

But remember this, if they are here, it must be to have fun as well. How should we dress? What should we bring? Dress is casual. Bring and wear what you want to feel comfortable in but we strongly suggest nicer casual clothes. Remember, you are here to attract a willing partner. Some ladies and a few daring men, too tend to change into sexy lingerie as the night progresses. Can we stay the night? When we have overnite parties, you may stay the night. We can't promise any particular space for you. If you do stay, however, you must leave by a.

We are an older couple. Will we be accepted? You should be well received. We have couples from twenty-one to seventy-five visiting Pleasuretime. The average age runs thirty to fourty-five. About fifteen percent will be younger than thirty and about fifteen percent will be older than fourty-five. We are of color or bi-racial couple. Pleasuretime is an EOLO equal opportunity lifestyle organization.

Being accepted by other couples and singles is a personal matter. Most couples and singles generally base their opinion of others more on attitude and personality than on anything else. Because this lifestyle is of a very personal nature, couples have every right to set their own personal standards. You'll find that some people enjoy the mix and some do not. My wife is bi-curious. Many ladies who come here are bi or bi-curious. We are a bi-sexual couple.

Traditionally, in the lifestyle, bi-ladies have always been accepted. This is not the case for bi-men. We agree that this is a double standard. Because it is considered unacceptable and frowned on by most people, we have no idea how many there are because no one talks about it! Please use your own discretion. We are concerned about aggressive people. You will find very few pushy people at Pleasuretime. We do not tolerate them. I am a cook in a remote area with no clocks or other way of keeping time other than a 4 minute hourglass and a 7 minute hourglass.

I do have a stove however with water in a pot already boiling. You ask me for a 9 minute egg, and I know you are a perfectionist and will be able to tell if you undercook or overcook the eggs by even a few seconds. What is the least amount of time it will take to prepare the egg? Nine minutes, of course. See, you can ask us anything! Yours truly, Bob and Mora. Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC a - c. Disclaimer: This website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21 where applicable by law.

All Members are over 18 years of age.

Columbus swingers. Swinging.

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