Late from work friend

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With long days on the job, colleagues often become like a second family. When a co-worker has died, it is appropriate to find a way to pay tribute. Words, even the very best of words, cannot pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that we are all feeling today. The loss is there, tangible and real within everyone…but [insert name] exemplified life, love, laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in seeing the best in everything…even loss. Sorrow fills our hearts this sad moment, a sorrow that is deep and personal. Our lives will be empty in the areas that he had brightened for us.

He gave much to his work, to [list one or two]. That is why ladies and gentlemen as we are gathered here to say goodbye to him, I would like to speak in celebration of his life. Here was a life that demand notice…. I have known [name] since [year] when he ed the [organisation or Division or business] of [organisation] as a [position]. As such, he contributed much to the development of the [organisation name]. He generously gave us his knowledge, his expertise, his skills. He initiated and implemented much in this field during the [ of years] that he was at [organisation name].

He was a good boss to the people in his charge, a loving husband to his wife, and a devoted father to his children. He was also a good friend to many of us and a great colleague. The character of the life he lived might be summed up in a few words: he was sincere, he was earnest, he was loyal. As [position], [name] led his staff in such a way that he exemplified leadership. He gave energy, commitment and inspiration to his staff and to others with whom he worked.

The [name] I remember was a happy [name], one who not only was cheerful in himself but who gave much cheerfulness to others. He had a beautiful smile, a sense of humour and a gentle demeanour. He was always willing to share his ideas and information. He was passionately interested in …… matters and would advise us on ……. Many of us found him to be a splendid person of great intellect and big heart.

In his career as [career position] he worked with passion, integrity and energy. By his death all the people who knew him will miss a highly intelligent, vibrant individual with a rare friendliness and charm of personality.

Our sorrow is lessened only slightly with the comforting thought that we had the privilege to know him. Mrs [name], [children first names] our hearts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. We will all miss him. Goodbye, [name]. Find below, sample tributes to pay your last respect to a late colleague.

Go well…stay well…always. Mrs [name], [children first names], family members, colleagues and friends. For example, [list achievements here] As …… When as [name] also …. Later, as a member of the ….. Related posts:. Tribute To Late Sister. Tribute To Late Aunt. Tribute To Late Uncle. Tribute to Late Sister-in-law. Post:.

Late from work friend

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