Olympic garden strip club las vegas

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Just about everybody over the age of 13 has heard of the book "The Secret Garden". In it, the protagonist stumbles across a garden hidden from the world. Las Vegas has it's own "garden" that, while it may not so much be a secret, surely holds the secrets of many men. The Olympic Garden Strip Club, opened over a decade ago, was the location that set the standard for the modernized strip clubs that have made their home in Sin City. Drenched in the Stratospheres tall shadow, the Olympic Garden was a tour de force that was one of the first to bring on the new standard of women that Las Vegas is known for - and while the outside of the club doesn't offer much of an inviting atmosphere, indoors the ladies make the visit more than worth while.

Though the club's decor has done little to stand the test of time, it's not the decor that needs to age gracefully. When an individual walks into a strip club, 9 times out of 10 they won't so much be put off by the old style so much as they would unattractive dancers; and Olympic Gardens is sure to keep its staff stock piled with gorgeous, young vixens. The club's dancers range anywhere from natural beauties to girls that may have gone under the knife one or two times. No matter your tastes, though, you're guaranteed to find a girl to your liking.

Olympic Gardens is home to a rather robust main room, which sports the club's four tipping stages, where the women make most of their money. If staring at a slew of topless women is what works up your appetite, Olympic Gardens is home to both a snack bar and a main bar, where you'll find a healthy plethora of alcoholic beverages.

Though Olympic Gardens caters mostly to the male crowd with its impeccably curved strippers, the Men of Olympus male review gives the straight female crowd a reason to enter the O. The Men of Olympus strut their carved bodies on stage in what is Las Vegas' original male review.

These men shake every facet of their bodies to get a rise out of its frisky audience. Guests of honor have the pleasure for a small monetary exchange of being pulled on stage for a one- or two-dancer show that everyone will enjoy watching. Although Olympic Gardens may not have accommodated the changes of the modern outside world, the club still stands true as one of Sin Cities best. A slew of gorgeous ladies make up the O. Olympic Garden.

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Olympic garden strip club las vegas

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